Yes, you read that right! Simon is coming back after a two year break!!

Simon and I are very pleased to announce that Simon Says is returning to Wattpad on the 21st of April, 2017! Save the date because this is not a drill!

A lot of changes are being made so that SS is way better than it used to be. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the new version as much as you enjoyed the old version – if not more.

Simon and I would also like to thank you for your love and support ever since Simon Says began in 2013. We really appreciate it from the bottom of our cold, dead, black hearts. Simon won’t accept it, but he loves his fans.

See you in a week! #SimonSaysWP

Lots of blood and gore,
Lee and Simon.

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Interview with Angel0fSweden of Wattpad



So a month or two ago, the lovely Angel0fSweden on Wattpad asked me to do an interview of SS for her so that she could do a Recension on SS for her project all the way in Sweden!

The whole file came to me in Swedish yesterday, so I sat with Google translate and oh my, my chest has swelled up with pride! Thank you for being such great fans, all of you! you make me write and make me want to do better!

So here is the interview I did with her (It was in English, don’t worry, haha!)
Maybe you all will get some more insight on SS? ūüėČ

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Character Interviews!



I know that it as been ages since I was supposed to post these, but life caught up.

So here are the answers to the SS character questions.

These questions have been answered on the context of the version that was up on Wattpad.

Also, it was really difficult to get Simon to answer these questions, but he can’t disobey his wife now can he?

I hope these live up to your expectations! I tried my best getting into the characters heads.

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Welcome to the game!



Welcome to Simon Says’ brand new blog!

The tumblr blog was an epic fail, so here i present to you this wonderful new blog!

On this blog, I will be posting various tid-bits of Simon Says, sharing some SS secrets and who knows, maybe you might even see a post from the main man – uhm, that’s debatable –¬†himself!

We’ll go behind the scenes of a few chapters, my inspiration and also tips on how to write horror will be up here.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask them! You can get in touch with me through¬†numerous¬†sites (All of which are up on my wattpad profile)

Fell free to suggest what else I can do to make this blog interactive and reader friendly!

Do follow this blog, too! (Only if you dare. There is no backing down once you’re a part of the game)

Welcome to the game!

– Mrs. Simon –