Character Interviews!


I know that it as been ages since I was supposed to post these, but life caught up.

So here are the answers to the SS character questions.

These questions have been answered on the context of the version that was up on Wattpad.

Also, it was really difficult to get Simon to answer these questions, but he can’t disobey his wife now can he?

I hope these live up to your expectations! I tried my best getting into the characters heads.

– Lee –

Please note that these interviews were conducted in separate rooms so that there would be no murder.

Questions for Ally


 I hope these are good ones. Ehm, let’s get on with it. 

*wipes hands*

1. Why are you so afraid of the dark?

– I think that the dark holds secrets that we humans will not be able to comprehend. It was also a childhood fear that never went away and I am stuck with it for maybe, the rest of my life.

2. How did you feel when you kissed Simon?

– It was…. different. Exhilarating and extraordinary. It was something that couldn’t be understood and I hate it because I feel terrible! I cheated on the guy I love with an idiot who wants to destroy me.

3. Team Simon or Sam?

–  What the hell? This isn’t Twilight! But if I have to choose one, team Sam. I love my boyfriend.

4. Are you afraid of anything other than the dark?

– Spiders. 

5. How does it feel to have someone tell you that your theirs?

– When Sam says it, I feel loved and special because, I do love him. But when Simon says it, (Hey, look at the pun!) it’s more of a demand and makes me scared. I don’t belong to him… I am not his.

6. How much is your light bill each month?

A lot.

7. Why did you change your name?

– I was always Alexis, people just call me Ally as a nick name. Like Lee over here. She is Leanne, but she is known as Lee among family, friends and even on Wattpad. So yeah, I never changed my name.

8. I can see you like flirting with death… does your fear of him out weighs your wanting him..or are you afraid of how much you do want him….

– Death? Simon is not death, is he? Wait. What?
Anyway, I am scared of the fact that I do feel something for him even though he doesn’t even show his goddamn face! I don’t like flirting with him though, no way. I am scared of him, really scared of him.

Questions for Sam


Thank you for having me here. *Adjusts shirt*

1. How did you and Ally come together in a relationship?

– We met on the first day of her joining Jackson.Inc. When I first saw her, I instantly felt something for her and I couldn’t understand it because one, I had never been in love and two, it was so damn cheesy! When we spoke during lunch time, we instantly clicked. Everyday we would eat lunch together – along with some co-workers, of course and each day, I found myself liking her even more.
About two weeks later, I finally asked her out and she said yes. And after one month of casual dating, I finally asked her to be my girlfriend to which she instantly said yes.

And since then, we have been going strong. One year and counting!

2. Dear Sam, after being your hot self and all, how and where and when did you find Ally and what do you like the most about her?

PS: You two look great together. SAW KYAWT.

– Why thank you for saying that I look hot. *fixes hair* The how, when and where I found Ally was answered above and what I like most about her is that she is sweet and stands up for what she believes in. I also love that innocent look about her. Not to mention, she can be funny when she wants to be.
Plus, I think her fear of the dark is kinda cute. Don’t tell her I said that.

And thank you again! I know we look awesome! #TeamSally ❤

Question for Zack

download (4)

I am so excited to be here and even though Lee told me that I had only one question, I am so exited! Max didn’t get any, HAHAHA! Suck it you ass!

I hope it’s a good question! Let’s hit it! *
Adjusts suit* What? I wanted to look nice for my interview!

1. Are you and Max a couple?

– *deadpan* We are NOT a couple! We are two best friends who live together as room mates! GOD! Why does this happen! I can assure you that we are not gay! Ask the girls I have a history with *smirks*

And I dressed up for this question. Pftt. *Walks out of the room* I need a good lay tonight.

Questions for Simon

download (5)

Why the fuck am I here?! I have work to do! People to kill! Chicken to eat!
But then again, I am famous….and sexy…
Okay, I’ll do this you crazy woman! If I get chicken later.

P.S For those who thought that is my real face, you’re wrong. I was feeling too lazy to change into my handsome self so just picked some random asshole.

*kicks back chair and put legs on the table* Lets get this over with, it’s almost lunch time and I want to get that bucket of chicken.

1. Why did you choose Ally for your game?

– It’s simple. She is innocent and has the perfect soul and body to taint. I feed off people like her.

2. Why are you watching Ally all the time??? Why her??

– Why so many questions marks, huh? And as I said earlier, she has that innocence I want to taint and I am just making sure tat I am the one who takes it away, not that pun human.

3. Why are you after Ally?

– Same as above.

4. Do you ‘like’ Ally?

– Not at all! I don’t feel anything for her, except lust. Yeah, lust and anger because for the love of Lucifer, she is annoying!

5. What is your favorite fast food?

– KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN!! KFC is life bro. I need more chicken in my life.

6. Why did you hurt Ally so bad in chapter 16?

– Because she deserved it. Who the fuck does she think she is? And I will hurt her again… Wait till I am back… It is going to be much worse…

7. Why just Ally, who not some other girl?

– For now, it’s Ally.

8. What are you?

– A creature of the dark and the unknown. 

9. IS Simon a ghost or demon? The way you made out to be he sound like a demon.

– I am neither a ghost or a demon, but on the same lines.

10. Does he really love Ally or is he playing with her to get what he want? Does he care or not?

– I neither care for her or even love her and yes, I am playing with her to get what I want. My game, Simon Says.

11. What kind of a creature are you? What is so special about Ally that you are attracted towards her?

– I can’t answer the first question and as I said earlier, she has the innocent soul that makes me want her, and I will get her.

12. Are you jealous of Sam?

– I am not jealous of that puny human?! Don’t say his name!

13. From all the people you could torture why Ally?

– Answered above.

14. Did you find anything peculiar about Ally that made you attracted to her?

– Her innocence as stated above.

15. Why do you hide your face from Ally?

– Because she won’t be able to handle the sexiness. 

16. Simon baby what is it about Ally that brings out the sadistic side of you? I would love to know on a scale of 1-10 how much pleasure you get from torturing her to insanity..???

– Again, so many question marks. I have OCD with those! And it’s once again, her innocence. It appeals to me and it makes me feed off it.
And a bloody 10! I get immense pleasure form torturing her. It’s super fun! Next time, I’ll go and play hide and seek with her in the dark… ohhh, that would be fun!

17. Are you a unicorn in disguise?

– No.
18. Cats or dogs?

– Neither. I like dragons.
19. Does Leanne annoy you a lot?

– Yes, she does. Stupid woman I got stuck with.
20. How do you cope with Leanne and her craziness?

– I can’t! She is a writer, and hence she is not sane at all! Trust me. I mean, she talks to imaginary characters all the time and only sits with that goddamn laptop. I need some action in my life woman, I have needs…
21. On a scale of 0 to Leanne, how much do you consider these questions irrelevant?

– Eh, maybe a 5? Some are pretty okay… and Leanne is not irrelevant, I did marry the bitch. (And she didn’t pay me to say this)
22. Okay, seriously now, CHEESECAKE OR CUPCAKES? Oops…

– Are you kidding me? There is only one C, C for CHICKEN!
But, I like cupcakes more … like Lee.

23. Have you always been in this form? Were you ever human before?

– Maybe, maybe not? It’s been too long.

24. Lastly, can I have you?

– *Smirks* Of course you can. Oh, Lee is getting mad and the pan out… I’ll come and find you babe, hold on there!
You better be a female other wise I will kill you!

On second thoughts, no you can’t have me. I have been taken. *sighs* I love my wife though, she gives me chicken everyday!

So that’s it right? I can go now? Good, I am HUNGRY!
KFC, I am arriving there soon for you my love!

And that’s all folks! Your questions were great and I hope I did justice to them!

Some questions had to be excluded because they were out of the plot and context, so apologies for that!

And all these questions were in context with the Wattpad version. The new version will be quite different.

And some were edited also because of a few errors. And as usual, I haven’t proofread because I am behind on my NaNo count and I am hungry like Simon!
(Told you, we are the best couple!)

Thanks for all the questions and sorry for the delay in posting them.

Much love,

Mr. and Mrs. Simon and team.

Do comment below and let me now what you think!

Join the team on FB and be a Maniac.



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