Interview with Angel0fSweden of Wattpad


So a month or two ago, the lovely Angel0fSweden on Wattpad asked me to do an interview of SS for her so that she could do a Recension on SS for her project all the way in Sweden!

The whole file came to me in Swedish yesterday, so I sat with Google translate and oh my, my chest has swelled up with pride! Thank you for being such great fans, all of you! you make me write and make me want to do better!

So here is the interview I did with her (It was in English, don’t worry, haha!)
Maybe you all will get some more insight on SS? 😉

1. Is there any message you want to send out to your readers? Many books that you read often, often send out a message, sometimes it can be obvious, but sometimes it’s hidden, sometimes you may not think of it but is still there, example; to never give up, life gets better etc. or if there is something you want to say by the book, like laying an opinion or open up peoples perspective by writing from a special persons point of view?

     – I think the message I would like to give out in my books – especially my horror, mystery-thriller ones – is that never forget your fear. Fears are a part of life and it is what makes us human. When someone says to me that they are not afraid of anything, it is complete rubbish. Our fears are what make us stronger and we have to never forget them. So yeah, that’s the message I give out in my books.

2. From when you started writing on it, did the place or time in any way affect your writing of your story?

    – As time went on, I found myself kind off improving in my writing. And from my first story till my new one, I think I have come a long way.

     Place has never affected me. In fact, when I go in vacations, I get such amazing plot ideas. But they never affect my writing.

3. Do you write a lot in the genre horror?? If yes, why? what made you like it or did something effect you, example in your childhood that made you like it? If no, what made you write it?

   –  Yes I do as a matter of fact. I have three plots that come into the horror/ mystery – thriller genre [One additional one is a dark romance I will write next year [New edit, I already started writing it, LOLOL]

    And I have always found myself drawn to the darker side of fiction. I love villains; I love to think from their point of view. Complex characters and why a certain thing happens and is done by them, has always been something I love to indulge in.

     Well, my childhood was fine – not perfect, just fine. I think the fact that I always felt ignored by my parents had an effect on me and that’s why, I think differently and in a more twisted way.

4. Is anything in the book in any way related to yourself or your life?

    – Yes! The main part of the book in Simon Says – Ally’s fear of the dark – comes from me. I am very scared of the dark – have been since a child. I always feel that there is someone at my window, watching me, waiting to kill me. I gave that character the name of Simon – from the childhood game, Simon Says – after the plot became concrete in my head.

     I would say that I am Ally, but I made Simon Says into a much darker, twisted story using my crazy imagination.

     Actually, in every story of mine, you will find a part of me in it. You just have to find it – I am not always vocal about it.

    5. How did you come up with the idea for the book?

     – As I said, my fear of the dark and of an entity watching me is what sparked the idea of Simon Says.

     I wanted to write a much darker and twisted version of my fears and ended up with a concept of a character playing a game where everything he says has to be done. And when I was on holiday, like a light bulb, it clicked in my head that what better than the game of Simon Says where everyone has to follow what Simon says. So combined with a game, my fears, a certain video game and my crazy imagination, Simon Says was born.

     It’s crazy how people loved the book and want to translate it, want me to publish it and have amazing readers do a recension of it.

So that’s about it. Thanks to the lovely Angel0fSweden for this chance and to my lovely readers who made this possible! It was a complete honor to do this interview.

Much love,

Do comment below and let me now what you think!

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